A rented car is a fashionable solution popular in Europe that is also becoming popular in Poland. Both Polish citizens occasionally in need of car transport and tourists from abroad use the service. Just a few clicks in a mobile app will let make your travels much faster, cheaper and safer. Is car rental in Poland really worth it? Learn about its key advantages

Car Sharing – what is it about?

Car Sharing is an opportunity to rent a car for a specific time depending on the needs of the client. You can rent a car for:

  1. minutes,
  2. hours,
  3. days.

It is a service available in large Polish cities. Locations on the list:

  1. Warsaw,
  2. Krakow,
  3. Poznan,
  4. Wrocław,
  5. The Tri-City.

Car rental in Poland is based on a very simple mechanism. The rental agency offers a fleet of cars parked in various parts of the city. You can reserve a car via an app and find its location.

The car rental cost consists of two elements. One element is the duration of car use, the other is about kilometres covered in it. An important thing is that the operator guarantees fuel but each stop, e.g. to go out shopping, is additionally paid for by the renting client.

Car rental in Poland – step by step

If you would like to rent a car for a selected period you need to know that most operators require a special mobile app to provide the service. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

The next step involves the verification of the payment card and the driving license. After that, the app will automatically create an individual account.  Eventually, you can locate the nearest car on a map and reserve it. Are you wondering where to get the keys? The car can be opened with one click on your phone.

You can leave the car in any safe place in the city where you have rented it. If you would like to park in another location the operator can charge you for it.

Travelling and discovering new places has never been easier! Car rental in Poland has been replacing the lease contracts that have so far reigned supreme on the market when it comes to temporary lending of cars to entrepreneurs. Now, you can do it more flexibly and on any terms – also privately. Car rental for minutes or days is just the beginning of the automotive revolution.